As I may have mentioned yesterday, Professor had a big birthday and turned 5.  The cupcakes and the gift yesterday were just the beginning of BIRTHDAYPALOOZA.

I have been asking for months for my little darling to pick a theme for his party.  First it was LEGO BATMAN 2 party…How, in the sweet name of Jesus, was I supposed to make a LEGO Batman TWO party.  How is that any different than LEGO Batman 1?

I must admit, that I am not well versed in the little boy world.  I should be…I have 4 brothers, and three sons, not to mention I myself am a bit of a Tom-boy.  I guess I just never was interested in the Batman/Lego/AVENGERS world. I got schooled in Spiderman by my teenager as he was growing up.  I learned about spidey senses, and Mary-Jane (the girl, not the plant…lets keep it family rated folks.) Peter Parker, and Venom. I made many Spiderman costumes, and bought cans and cans of silly string to use as webs, all in an effort to make my little guy smile.  Now he’s into football and girls, and his love for the simpler things has waned.  Professor is introducing me to a whole new world.

Narrowing it down to Harry Potter, Batman, LEGO, or Star Wars, he FINALLY settled on the latter. WOOHOO!!  Wait…hold on…all I know about Star Wars is that there’s a dude that looks like a gremlin who’s clearly suffered some sort of brain injury as all his words come out jumbled, a garbage can on wheels that beeps a lot and hangs out with some gold character, a sasquatch they call a wookie? and that somehow the good guy becomes the bad guy and is on ventalin inside a mask.

HOW am I going to put all that into a party??

Thanks to Wikipedia, some super nerdy friends of mine, and help from the professor himself, I’ve learned all about Jedi’s, Padawan’s, Luke and Anikan Skywalker, the gremlin guy is wise and named Yoda, and the weapon of choice is a light saber.  OK…I GOT THIS….I THINK.

First order of business, guest list and Invites.

MOM: OK professor you can invite 5 friends.

Professor: I want….(lists at least 20 names, and spells them so I will write them down)


Professor: Well, I gotta invite all my friends.  I got more than 5 mom. I’m Poplyer (popular)

So 15 friends later (AFTER WE NARROWED THE LIST!!) we started the invites.  The wording was pretty simple once I was taught some basic Star Wars facts and lingo.  I printed some out by hand, before realizing I’m a sucker and resorted to doing the rest up on computer.  I then pasted the printed sheets on cardboard, and glittered the hell out of the construction paper with silver glitter.  (Please see my post “Just Another Manic Mon…er…Tuesday” to see just what a pain that glitter was.

The invitations said:

5 Years ago, in a galaxy far, far, away

A boy of destiny was born.

The Jedi Council named him


He was the chosen one. In the five years that followed his birth,

he has been learning the ways of the force.

Master Yoda is urging the younglings to complete their Jedi training,

and take part in the upcoming trials at the ______________ family training facility,




On Sunday April 27, 1-4 pm

Padawan __________’s presence is requested to complete his Jedi training.

Please advise the Jedi Council

Jedi Mallory 555-555-5555

as to whether or not your Padawan will accept the challenge


I used a font from called JEDI Dark.  Then I printed, and pasted on glittery midnight blue construction paper. EASY PEASY. I recommend glittering the night before, so it is solidified and dried when you go to paste the words on. Makes life a little easier.  Also, I have learned, that if your baby or your dog, happen to eat the glitter, in small doses it wont hurt them, and it makes cleaning their poop like a DISCO party. You’re welcome for the image.

Next was the envelopes.  The medium brown envelopes from Dollarama work well, just glitter them up and throw on some Star wars stickers (ALSO available at the dollar store) I would have liked to find black envelopes, but alas, it was not to be.


This is how the envelopes looked before I sent them out.

Now that a few days have passed, all the little Padawan’s have called to confirm their spot in the training camp.  There will be an obstacle course, Light Saber training, and a Hunt for Hans Solo. Now that I have all the games squared away, I need to make them look the part.

10 little Padawan’s have confirmed. So I decided to construct 10 little Jedi robes.  Its really quite simple, and all the robes combined with the rope for 10 kids was a little over $20! Not bad, a great keepsake and perhaps part of this years Halloween costume.  It might be interesting to see how many new Jedi’s come to the door this year.


STEP #1 Lay your kid down on a folded piece of fabric. Seriously, no measurements, no nothing, it’s just that simple.  The fabric was brown broad cloth, and was folded in half.  The top fold became the top of the robe.  I laid professor on the fold in the cloth, and had him stretch his arm out.  From there, I cut the arms wide, and sewed them up the open ends and down the sides of the robe.


Ok so I put the pins in to make it look all Martha Stewart-y, but in all honesty, I don’t always use pins.   Usually I’m just holding it together best I can while I am using one hand to fight off Ninja Toddler, who likes to get too close, and I’m distracted by the girl and professor as they bicker over the Playstation behind me.

Tied them up with some black cording I got with the fabric, and VOILA!  Now to make them even cooler, I might just add their names. I’m never one to leave well enough alone, so I fancyin’ I will go.


Now they’re all finito. Super simple, I knocked out 10, with a broken arm in about 4 hours.  You could do it faster with 2 working wrists. Let me tell ya, being broken has been a severe hindrance thus far.

Putting the names on the back was as simple as buying the iron on transfers, printing the names using the same JEDI font I used for the invites, and then employing the girl to sit there with the iron on them for two minutes.


WALMART $5 in the craft Isle.

Just make sure that when you’re printing the names on Iron on transfers, you MIRROR IMAGE the letters so when you iron them on, they come out looking right.  (TRUST ME, THIS WILL SAVE YOU ANOTHER $5 AND GAS TO THE STORE AND BACK AND A LOT OF CUSSING)

It’s simple to do. Some printers have a setting that will allow for mirror images. TRY THAT FIRST.

If not, and you’re using word, insert a “TEXT BOX” then in the upper right corner select 3D EFFECTS and set the top one to 180 degrees.  Click in the top left corner to HOME and pick your size and font, and there ya go. Pretty easy, and they turned out great!


All said and done, now the robes are finished, look fantastic, and I hope to get a cute pic of all the little PADAWAN’s training with their light sabers in the back yard.  OH WAIT…THE LIGHT SABERS!!

I can’t buy the plastic ones, because A) they’re $20 each, and with 10 kids that’s $200.00 on Light sabers. If I had $200 to blow, it certainly wouldn’t be on light sabers. Maybe a luxurious spa weekend, or perhaps I’d get my laptop fixed (please see Just another Manic Mon….er…TUESDAY, AGAIN to see why I need to repair my laptop!!) and B) Plastic…10 little kids…recipe for disaster.  I can’t send kids home broken, bruised and bleeding…that probably wouldn’t be proper party etiquette.

SO after some brainstorming, discussion and a great visit with my best friend GOOGLE…I came up with pool noodles.

Pool noodles you ask?  HECK YES POOL NOODLES!!!


Pool Noodles (cut in half), duct tape- silver and black, markers, and some imagination and you’ve got yourself a kid friendly, CHEAP, light saber. ALL 10 for less than $10.


Finally I have all the pieces put together to make my little Professor Skywalker an epically awesome birthday party.  All that’s left to do is cut some 100 stars and glitter them…(I know…it will probably end badly…), pick up the death star cake, pack the goodie bags and prepare the food!!

I’ll leave you, dear readers, with the STAR WARS MENU plan for Professor’s birthday.

~Yoda Soda (7 up with frozen berries and ice cubes containing gummy bears to imitate HANS SOLO being frozen in liquid carbonate)

~ HANS burgers

~HUT dogs

and my most favorite…


Let me know how your parties turn out, I’ll be sure to let you know how mine does.

Happy Birthday Professor!


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